Icewind Dale

Session 21.5


The angel touches down amidst the bodies of Eira, Nevena, Ardemis, and Søngberg, resuming its guise as the magnificent beauty known as Shannon of Ten Towns. The blizzard it summoned forth will have masked this secret identity from any in Targos who were attempting to look on from behind the walls. Those who looked up, however, will have seen the angel in flight. They will add their tales to the many rumors already circulating in the area about the appearance of angels in the skies and how it foretells of Lathander’s return.

The Targos gate is opened for Shannon and within, she meets with Jared in a longhouse that is lined with furs and silks and glittering gold cups next to singed incense. She informs her dutiful prelate about the bodies outsides in the snow. She orders them brought in to be laid out before her. He sends his faithful pilgrims out at once, the sudden blizzard already fading away. Shannon explains to Jared that she now has “a more suitable elf” and that the “less savory alternative kept in reserve can be released”.

Thus, Marsible the dark elf is also called forth to Shannon—but only after the bodies of the slain heroes are loaded, along with many supplies, onto a ship. The ship, the Coldhorn, was wrought by men and dwarves, but follows an ancient elven plan uncovered from the Moonshae Isles. Shannon explains to Marsible that everything has unfolded “providentially”, and that with their bargain complete, she may go about her dark business in exultation of Shar in Bryn Shander.

After the orcs exact their steep toll in plunder and slaves upon the people of Ten Towns, they recede from whence they came. The chaotic vacuum the orcs leave in their wake provides Marsible all the leeway she needs to conduct her ritual, awakening old and dormant echoes of the Shadow Weave left behind by the Spellplague

Ineffably, Eira, Nevena, and Søngberg rise from their deaths. They find themselves on the angel Salvation’s vessel, the Coldhorn. It is crewed by its most loyal followers and captained by Jared Frosthonor. Salvation, though still in the guise of Shannon, reveals itself to its three captives and proffers their cooperation. It also reveals their course, they make way for Evermeet (pulled as a sled at present over the northern sea ice). Nevena, as rebellious in her second life as in the first, is having none of this plan. Still only barely alive, the three risen companions can put forth no resistance. Nevena is lashed to the bowsprit like a living elven figurehead. Søngberg prays, Eira schemes.



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