Icewind Dale

Session 22

The Trackless Sea

With the recalcitrant Nevena strapped to the bowsprit, Søngberg and Eira spend their time on the long ocean journey recuperating from the infirmity of their resurrection. They do not challenge Salvation or Jared’s command of the ship. Søngberg, having been long away from Temples and other clergy, engages the crew of the Coldhorn in religious discussions and prayers. Eira keeps a low profile and eavesdrops on the crew; both of them are interested in learning what the crew knows and more about why this voyage has been undertaken. They each in their own way learn that the pilgrims know only what Jared has told them—and that Jared’s loyalty to Salvation is unfailing.

Nevena, only slightly alive to begin with, suffers horribly in her state. She is given water but is otherwise left in the open air to experience rope-burns, ceaseless and mounting hunger, swollen eyes, delirium, and all the other torturous effects of her deprivation and exposure. The piteous condition of Nevena after two weeks of this ordeal impels Søngberg to convince Jared and the crew to cut her free and bring her below decks. Nevena is a threat to no one at this point, hanging on to her wretched life by a mere thread.

After more than three weeks at sea, a storm comes on, despite the epicenter of calm, mild weather that had always followed the ship across the sea. The crew trusts in Jared’s divine powers to command the weather and grows uneasy over the unexpected bad weather. To make matters more unnerving, a crowd gathers at the bow to examine a strange sight on the horizon. They spy a low, rippling aurora dancing atop the waves; caught in the storm, the ship is advancing fast toward this ribbon of lights. As the crew takes reactive measures against the wind and rain while bracing for the oncoming witchery ahead, Nevena, Eira, and Søngberg are each of them patronized by a deity of Toril. They are treated to visions in which they are alone but for the presence of a god.

Tyr reveals himself to Søngberg, granting him sight beyond sight. Possessed with this True Seeing, the dwarven paladin can never again be fooled by the Angel’s mortal guises. Tyr recedes and Søngberg can see the world as the gods themselves perceive it.

Tempus reveals himself to Eira. With the alacrity of the perfect warrior, he binds Eira in ropes that have fallen from the storm-wracked rigging. He grants her an unfettered gift so that never again can the Angel defeat her by carrying her aloft. Tempus recedes and Eira escapes her bonds unaided.

Finally, Ilmater, moved to great sympathy by the immense suffering of Nevena reveals himself to her. He takes away her pain and brings it upon himself; he suffers in her stead so that she can rest. Ilmater grants her a gift to help her endure the further hardships she must embrace before she again faces her enemy.

As the visions come to an end, Søngberg’s newfound sight reveals an image of Drielle that no other can see. Drielle conducts Søngberg and Eira below decks to be with Nevena. Nevena, so close to death, can also witness Drielle as she has been sent as an emissary of Myrkul. The four friends, united once again beyond all of their deaths, join hands as the ship passes through the aurora. This magic barrier, put in place by the reclusive elves to protect their homeland, has sent away everything save the angel Salvation, its enemies below decks, and the ship itself.

On the other side of the magic aurora, the weather is calm again. From the maindeck, Evermeet can be seen as a misty band on the horizon. Salvation forgoes its human aspect as Shannon and takes flight, heading straight for the island. Drielle issues a warning that once past the barrier, Evermeet’s defenses take the form of guardian beasts and one will be soon upon them. Suddenly Drielle is gone. The tattoo of a great eagle’s cry pierces the silence.

A ‘roc’, one of the magnificent and legendary beasts of Faerûn soars for the ship. Søngberg scrambles to find anything useful against this foe; he searches high and low. Eira and Nevena take up a position off the starboard bow, working together to fire one of the Coldhorn’s ballistae at the creature. They get two shots off before its great talons collide with the deck. Søngberg, for his part, manages to find his armor, Nevena’s bow, and the Hammer Myrnoch. Sundry other items of magic seem to have escaped the teleportation spell of the aurora, but the dwarf has no time to examine them.

Thanks to Søngberg, Myrnoch finds its way back into Eira’s hands and the Gorgon Bow into Nevena’s. These weapons and Søngberg’s miracles are turned against the massive eagle. The beast has a bronze plating formed over its beak, is somewhat heedless of attacks against it, and instead seems intent on shivering the vessel into splinters with its battering-ram face. The Gorgon Bow fails to petrify the creature. Nevena’s elven magic twice fails to ensnare it with a tangle of ropes and rigging. Eira is gathered up in its talons and hurled into the sea so quickly that even her gift from Tempus is not enough to save her. However, Eira thinks fast and drops the hammer rather than risk losing it forever to the sea. Søngberg rushes to snatch up the hammer and fells the creature with a mighty blow moments before the beast can sink the boat entirely. The Coldhorn is damaged but still seaworthy. The three companions gather their trophies and disembark for Evermeet.

Eira 8000
Nevena 8000
Søngberg 8000



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