Icewind Dale

Session 23

Trespassers of Evermeet

Using the magic items left behind by the absent crew of the Coldhorn, Nevena realizes the ship can be safely moored in place, just off shore, by the Feathered Anchor Token they found. Unfortunately, the small launch boat lashed to the Coldhorn did not escape the Elven magic barrier and so they must swim for land. They learn the fish-scale cap worn by Nevena and the decorative coral-scale armor acquired by Eira allow for underwater breathing and superior swimming. Despite these boons, however, the three escaped prisoners of Salvation spend an exhausting number of hours swimming ashore and back to the ship, carefully carrying the equipment and items they can salvage with each trip.

As the sun is going down, the Trespassers of Evermeet come ashore and find a weathered stone obelisk on the rocky coast’s promontory within sight. The obelisk stands atop a broad plinth. On the plinth stands a forlorn, robed figure. Her back is turned away from them, she faces the sea. Removing her hood, the figure is seen to be a herald of the gods, again in the familiar form of Drielle. She is Myrkul’s emissary and the Trespassers speak with her. She asks why they have come and what they will do, now that they have. The Trespassers insist they are lost and never intended to arrive.

Drielle-the-Herald, seeming deaf to this grievance, restates her own questions, telling them that Salvation has defied the Gods. It seeks to escape their punishment and this realm. Its reckless, selfish actions threaten all of Toril.

Nevena, with knowledge of elven writing, examines an ancient map carved into the wind-scarred granite of the obelisk. She is able to make out the names of three places, two of which bear the names ‘ELION’ (to the northwest) and a place she can only understand to be ‘THE GROVE’ (due southwest). The third site, directly to south, cannot be recognized at all after so much time and wear from the storm-wracked seacoast. Drielle-the-Herald cannot leave the boundary of the plinth and is but an observer here and so the Trespassers head for Elion, as it appears closest according to the map.

Though Nevena is at home in a forest, perhaps never more so than the ancestral woodlands of her own people, the three explorers are running low on food and arrows. Søngberg has not even a weapon to defend himself. As Nevena hunts and forages for food, she encounters signs of corruption—blighted trees and creatures sporting odd tumors and rashes. This makes her think twice about eating from the forest.

Evermeet seems to bear evidence of a large and scattered war of giants against the now absent elves. In places, the very ground is littered with detritus half-buried like great round shields, broken blades, spear heads, or rusted helmets—some as large as a kitchen table. Søngberg, without a weapon, strikes it lucky while searching a field and finds a morningstar, that, thanks to fine elven craftsmanship has lasted the test of time. The item is wrought with caryatids of the elven gods that clutch daggers to form the devices spikes. As he examines his prize, a pair of hulking and demented giants, each horribly disfigured seize upon them. First Eira and then Nevena meet the accursed gaze of these creatures, being distorted and mutated by them. The Trespassers work together to fell one of the giants which is enough to drive away the other in fear.

Soon after the battle, a strange little sprite reveals himself. He is known as ‘Burclover’. He is impressed by the martial prowess and great heroism he has seen against the giant Fomorian invaders. His people are all that remains in the fight against them. He leads them away from Elion, south to show them the massive corpse of the ‘Elf Eater’ that has spread the corruption here. The sprawling pile of pollution with outstretched tentacles laying about the land like wild, miles-long pipes is titanic in size. Since it can be seen from miles off, upon viewing it, none of the three Trespassers desires to get any closer. So Burclover leads them to his Queen in the west.

At Loona’s court the fae are, at first blush, anxious of the three big intruders that arrive with Burclover. They dazzle and confuse Eira and Nevena with their wily magic. Peaceful protestations against this on the part of the Trespassers—in their moments of lucidity amidst the faerie glamour—is enough to call them off. Queen Loona demands heads or ears of slain Fomorians to prove they are serious in the war against the giants. The Trespassers want answers about Salvation and where they should go. Queen Loona claims they should seek Shy Silva who is very old and very wise. Sir Purslane, a sprite-knight of Loona’s court bravely volunteers to go questing with them.

Eira 6000
Nevena 6000
Søngberg 6000

(Note: Søngberg attunes to Amber Necklace)



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