Icewind Dale

Session 24

Shy Silva

The Trespassers are running low on food. The fae of Queen Loona’s court offer to provide a grand send-off feast before their quest to see Shy Silva. Wary from tales they have heard of faerie food, having already been confused and charmed by their magic once, the three adventurers refuse the meal. Taking everyone by surprise and demonstrating his increase in holy favor, Søngberg summons a meal from a Tyrran miracle. The pixies are suitably unimpressed by the appearance of the food and water and they each disappear with a harrumphing upturned nose.

Soon after, the quest is undertaken. Brave Sir Purslane leads on, south, to Corellon’s Grove where Shy Silva awaits. Purslane, however, becomes bored and eventually rummages through Nevena’s things. The elf is carrying but little of late, and by far her most intriguing possession is the bottle marked “WHINE” with the smoke swirling within.

Purslane wastes no time in uncorking the bottle. There is a flash of light. An eruption of smoke attended by the smell of brimstone. The imp Rodney, previously trapped in the bottle, has returned—and is more than disappointed with the three faces he encounters. All the same, it becomes clear Rodney has no love of Salvation either; the imp swears vengeance upon the angel. He offers information in exchange for his own servitude, but the Trespassers are unwilling to make deals with Rodney.

The forest is still and quiet. Stags keep their distance, the foxes hide in their dens, and no strange terrors lurking in this lonesome corner of Evermeet are confronted. Purslane conducts his three charges to what his people call ‘the murmuring bosk’. The elves know it as The Great Grove of Corellon Larethian. This is where Shy Silva grows, lonely, from a dish-sized-patch of sunlight amidst the shade of the grove. The ancient oaks, yews, and elms of the grove all tower over Silva, over the Trespassers, and over statues of the Seldarine—their arbor-crafted branches forming a ribbed vault as one finds in a cathedral. Rodney refuses to enter the grove. Within, they find offerings (or gifts?) placed before statues of the Seldarine. Nevena takes Solonor Thelandira’s silver arrows and a silver blade of Tethrin Veraldé.

Nevena’s magic, gifted to her by none other than a dryad of the woods, can now allow her to commune with the plants and trees of the forest. To this end, she speaks with Shy Silva in the laborious tongue of treants. Shy Silva is an adolescent Ash, younger than Nevena herself, but her’s is the longest memory of this part of the island since the elves left. Silva says Nevena’s many questions cannot be answered without the Moonglove Twig which was lost to ‘Black Rowan’.

The Trespassers set out to the northwest, across the grasslands, drawing nearer to the polluted epicenter of the ‘Elf-Eater’ that despoils the land. On their way, they spy the dark, soaring shape of a dragon high among the clouds. The trio are wary of the massive Elf-Eater corpse and give it a wide berth, they follow its outstretched tentacles back into the woods—on the other side of the grassland—where the pixies claimed Black Rowan is to be found. The forest thickens and twists the further in they push. A fog clings to the soil, emerald moss carpets the trees and the rocks.

Brilliant, ophidian eyes like electric malachite peer at them through the trees. The dragon, announcing herself as Nymrinoss (‘Raindream’ in the elven) reveals herself. She compliments the Trespassers on their valor in slaying a great eagle. She dares them to slay the ‘two more that remain’, she wants the jesses and harnesses of the great beasts. Nevena’s feckless behavior with the creature nearly gets them all killed, but Raindream shows mercy when Eira and Søngberg quickly offer supine blandishments. Bored with their cowardice and indecision, the dragon takes to sky, snapping tree branches like mere match-sticks with her girth as she goes.

Eira 900
Nevena 900
Søngberg 900



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