Icewind Dale

Sessions 27 & 28

Castle Elion

A terrible devil creature drops down from the ceiling of Elion’s great hall. It thrashes and stabs and rakes at the Trespassers, poisoning them with its tail stinger and dealing heinous wounds with its claws and sword. It would have made mockery of its foes but for the furious counter-assault put forth by Søngberg, Eira, and Nevena. The devil summons horrid, fleshy minions from out of the hells to defend it, but it acts too late. The Trespassers fell the creature and mop up its hellspawn. All that is left behind amid the bloodstains and smell of burnt, rotten eggs is a beautiful elven blade.

This mithral longsword is clearly very important—and missing some crucial insert that belongs in its cross-guard—but neither Nevena or Eira has any knowledge of it. Wielding the blade leaves a mortal to feel judged, and so Nevena stows it for safe keeping, relying instead on her silver shortsword. Not far from the devil, a massive (and broken) mirror gate labeled O U T E R H E A V E N in elven is found in the next chamber, the veritable heart of the castle. This room however is naught but a wreckage of broken glass and toppled statues of august elven ancestors.

The Trespassers move east through a series of themed rooms which they search cautiously, always keeping one eye to the ceiling. In the third room they move through, dedicated to the ‘World Tree’, Nevena uncovers some magic arrows in a hidden compartment. Beyond there is the Grand Gallery where they find a terrified, ethereal boy held inside a cage. Curious about this captive, Søngberg gets too near, springing a trap in which a pair of coiled chains animate into yet more devil creatures! The wickedly barbed chains rise up and form into large man-shapes, each bearing a face of ghastly grief. The devil shows the whimpering face of Skuli to Søngberg and the lifeless face of Brandish to Eira. Nevena’s gorgon bow rescues her companions from the terror brought on by these visages. One devil’s true face is revealed as the magic of the bow turns the creature to solid stone! With one chain devil dispatched, its twin is hammered down by Eira. The boy is rescued—but he cannot speak. He is frightened and wary.

He and Nevena communicate in elven, written crudely in the dust of the castle floor. He tells his name, Anem. His mother brought him here to seal the gate that the devils were using to gain entrance to this realm—and they captured him. Anem uses the mithral elven blade to point in the direction (south) that he wishes to go.

Soon after, the sounds of many footfalls stomping in military order can be heard from that same southern direction. Nevena overhears the infernal speech of more devils talking and giving orders. The Trespassers make a hasty and vain attempt to hide and end up caught in the flanking movement of the creatures. These devils appear to be shock troops; lightly armored but very physically tough—armed with a wicked spear and a sickly ‘beard’ of jellyfish-like stingers around their fanged mouths. There is more than half a dozen of them and they rush in to attack while their quarry is still trying to hide. They hurl insults and make demands for their captain, ‘Lervesom’, and for the sword.

During the fracas, the Trespassers boast they have lately killed their captain. But almost in the same breath, Nevena stumbles from the assault by the devils while Eira and Søngberg hold off the squad charging from the other direction. One devil leaps and snatches up Anem—making a hasty a escape. A tense battle ensues with a tug-of-war over the boy while Eira is surrounded and beaten (nearly) into submission. Eira’s desperate defense sees Myrnoch snagged by the hellish steel of a polearm which damages the legendary hammer in a shower of unholy sparks. Søngberg’s magic is all that holds Eira together, buying Nevena time enough to overcome her foe and save the boy.

Bloody, scared, and exhausted, the three heroes realize they cannot survive another onslaught and so they hole-up in a small chamber to wait out the passing of the night. Although there is a disturbance of another Fomorian giant trampling the courtyard some hours later, it never locates the small creatures nearby in the darkness. By morning time, the giant is gone, and the Trespassers move to escape the castle. At the gate, they learn of Anem’s magic: he uses the mithral blade to summon a mystic bridge out of the castle. What other secrets of Evermeet can Anem and this blade reveal?

Session 27 EXP
Eira 5000
Nevena 5000
Søngberg 5000

Session 28 EXP
Eira 2700
Nevena 2700
Søngberg 2700



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