Icewind Dale

Session 26

The Moonglove Twig

The Trespassers make their escape from Black Rowan and the angry, marching trees awoken by its magic. Nevena’s sylvan magic, forming a deep mist of fog and dew behind them masks their withdrawal from the area. Safe from the evils of the wood, they retrace their steps, careful to give the Elf Eater corpse a wide berth as usual. While crossing the great plain, they spy a squadron of winged lions circling them like vultures.

These creatures are manticores, able to speak with their gruesome man-faces. Their leader lands ahead and awaits a parley. Rodney and Nevena, each with tongues adept at speaking with fell creatures approach. The manticores have come for the Moonglove Twig, but Nevena will not surrender it without first taking it to Shy Silva. Thus, the manticores attack, whipping brutal stilettos from their tails and raining terror from above. Eira does her best to shield Nevena while she returns fire with her bow. The onslaught is too much for them and Nevena is killed—but for the grace of Ilmater, giving her supernatural endurance in the face of evil hardships. Ilmater’s reprieve proves to be a rally for the Trespassers. They slay three of the beasts before the others flee into the clouds.

Limping wounded from their battle, Eira, Søngberg and Nevena arrive at Correllon’s grove with their prize—the Moonglove Twig. The magic staff awakens Shy Silva in a manner like that of Black Rowan, in that her branches incline towards a hand shape and she grasps it. A congress of animals is called around her and they provide news from all corners of the island (on this side of the Fool Curtain). Shy Silva tells Søngberg that the axe pried from Black Rowan’s bark belonged to Gwhelwen, an elf heroine that battled in the war against the frost giants. Salvation, Shy Silva announces, was last seen entering Castle Elion along the northern coast.

When they ask for more details about the angel, Shy Silva states that the fae will translate. Indeed, the sprites and nixies of Loona’s court appear, using their glamour to put on a play that suggests Salvation entered a mirror of fire within the castle. Stranger riddles hidden in the show depict a screaming infant and crawling vermin.

Nevena asks Shy Silva if her weather-worn and travel-ravaged clothes can be replaced. This is beyond Silva’s power, but the tree suggests she go to the crows deeper inside the grove and trade with them. In fact, each of the Trespassers attempts trades with the mysterious crows.

Nevena offers up her iron molar found in the kobold caves of Icewind Dale. This is the tooth of the gorgon that lent its horns for her bow. In turn the crows provide new regalia, befitting an elf of Evermeet; fine silks, kingly in fabrication yet reserved in their splendor. Søngberg, seeing that she lacks for a brooch is quick with handicraft as a dwarf, and he refashions the keepsake Uthgardt holy symbol that once belonged to Skuli into a pin.

Søngberg trades the sturdy morning-star he recovered from the battlefields of the frost giants. In turn they gift him saddlebags of fine elven leather-work.

Eira trades her old Seldarine coins, picked from the cold dark floors of the Tower of the Severed Hand. The crows, most pleased with this offering, grant her a pair of magic bracers made of mithril. (The crows reject the offer of an amethyst)

The Trespassers are eager to set out after Salvation but Shy Silva offers some final advice. Should their course prove wrong, they must find Eltargrim the magus—for he devised all the Elf-gates of Evermeet and is the master of them. She also warns them to be wary of Raindream, for her schemes are cunning and deadly.

Heading east first, they take a coastal road to Elion, passing the familiar shipwreck of the Coldhorn. Miles to north, they find a yet older shipwreck under the shallow, seaside waves. Curiously, they find corpses there with animal heads. These wretches were probably shambling undead before something only recently silenced them—by dashing their bodies against the rocks. Nevena uses her magic to commune with a slinky wolf. The wolf is sly, but keeps his head down, and therefore has little of the information she seeks. Brother wolf laments that food is scarce with the land so blighted.

They discover the bridge to Elion is out. The Trespassers face hard work leaping dangerous gaps over the high sea-cliffs, only to be confronted by a set of great doors sealed by magic. Eventually they discover that a pair towers hold the key to channeling the sunlight, that if shone in the right place, can unlock the doors. The doors are opened, and they enter the ancient castle. Rodney however abandons them at this point, having had enough of their unwillingness to make a deal with him.

The castle grounds are spacious and broad. To the west they discover a giant at work in a secluded courtyard, it is laboring at some project with a large pieces of timber. They cautiously decide to let the giant be and skulk away elsewhere. Stealing instead into the main castle, they slip through gloomy, half-lit corridors. Reaching the central hall, a horrid bone devil hiding like a bat on the ceiling leaps down to plunge its weapon into Eira’s chest!

Eira 3000
Nevena 3000
Søngberg 3000



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