Icewind Dale

Session 31


The three elves come to meet the Trespassers are Tanathil, Hudir, and Tengis. Tanathil wears a bronze helm adorned with goat horns; he speaks the common tongue of men known to Eira and Søngberg. Decorated in the colors of the autumn wood, sporting beech leaf brooches, they are members of House Eroth and they have many questions. When the answers they get, as told by Nevena make up the dramatic truth of the journey beyond the Fool Curtain, Tanathil and his scouts grow even more suspicious.

The Eroth scouts assert that Nevena, Søngberg, and Eira must travel with them as prisoners. Suffering much privation from their wanderings in the wilds, the Trespassers reluctantly agree to these terms. Tanathil takes them east, along a similar course Nevena had already been following, to a place called ‘Taltempla’ by the sea. En route, they are assailed by a ‘white witch’ who works power over the earth. So great are her powers that Tanathil falls through the ground, into a pit hidden by an illusion. A moment later, a wall of solid stone moves up from the ground which serves to separate the Trespassers from their mounted guards Tengis and Hudir.

The ‘witch’ calls out in elven (which only Nevena understands) “Now is your chance!”, but the Trespassers do not move to escape as it seems was perhaps the witch’s plan. Instead, Søngberg rushes to help Tanathil from the pit by hurriedly offering rope. The witch dazes the dwarf with a spell in frustration and flees. Søngberg is too confused by the magic trick played on his mind while Nevena and Eira, intent on getting their weapons to defend themselves, scuffle with Tengis and Hudir behind the stone wall—no one sees how the witch escapes. Hudir is thrown from his horse while Tengis, who shepherds the weapons moves to get beyond the wall. Nevena comes to blows with Tengis, however the witch is gone by then.

In a show of good faith, Søngberg heals Tanathil after helping him from the pit, earning some of his scant trust in the process. After this, a plea to travel armed is put forth but shut down. Søngberg feels he should defer to elven custom while Eira simply follows Nevena’s lead. The three elven scouts and their three strange prisoners arrive in Taltempla unharried after that. On the way, they learn the elves have ‘gone to war’. The white witch was one of ‘the enemy’ (of House Eroth). The Trespassers are treated as guests but kept under watch, apart from their mighty weapons.

In Taltempla, a great elven tree-city near the coast, they meet Meliadoul, leader of House Eroth. She hears their tale. When they describe meeting Anem, gaining the elven sword at Elion, and later losing the blade in the battle with Raindream, Meliadoul grows quiet and dismisses her courtiers. She then ceremoniously reveals her moonblade, Aster, halfway from its scabbard. The opal set into it shines as the elven noble commands the Trespassers to ‘never again speak of the lost sword with anyone save her until has passed one year and one day’. At the end of their story, Meliadoul calls them fools for wishing to chase Salvation out of the mortal realm, through the elfgates—“all of which have been shut or destroyed by the war”—she adds.

Eira 1200
Nevena 1200
Søngberg 1200



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