Icewind Dale

Session 32


Meliadoul pays a visit to the Trespassers while they remain in her care. While informing them she is neither a tyrant or thief, the elven warrior-princess offers her terms. They are to remain in her charge until such time as she deems their release safe for her household. The mighty treasures, the trophies of their perilous journey to the isle are their own and each will be welcome again to them when the time comes. All three protest. Meliadoul also states she may ask them to fight alongside her warriors under the banner of House Eroth to prove the mettle and valor of their claims against foes such as giants and devils. And to prove they are not spies or villains. The Trespassers are flatly disinterested in such an excursion.

A few days later, a spy of House Irythil named Anaharae reaches out to the captives by way of a note hidden with their food. Nevena reads the elven note and is able to surreptitiously reply with crude drawings made in plum preserves and apple butter upon the earthenware. Anaharae indicates a time to spring their escape with a later meal by incorporating an image of the moon into the food.

Despite this offer of deliverance, Nevena is as restless and reckless as ever. She decides to sneak out in an attempt to glimpse a map of Evermeet woven into a tapestry. During her precarious adventure, she falls from their high tree and injures herself during her descent. The ranger is unheard and undiscovered, however. She carefully sneaks over to House Eroth’s Shrine of the Seldarine. She can see tapestries within, but the building is locked up tight. Disappointed and resigned, she retreats. On her return, Nevena falls again from the tree where she is being kept and this time breaks her leg.

A tale—which almost no one believes—of Nevena falling by accident from a (small) window is told. Meliadoul has another guard posted at the base of their tree to curb further mischief. Søngberg heals Nevena with his divine ministrations as best he can, but her leg is not fully set when Anaharae’s moon phase arrives.

On the night in question, a fire erupts in the community. At first, the Trespassers are reluctant to investigate or attempt to capitalize on the diversion. Eventually, with growing impatience, they ignore their guardsmen and rush downstairs. Anaharae awaits below and she wards off a lumbering earth elemental with her raised hands. Anaharae leads them to their weapons which are back near the shrine and Throne of Eroth. Nevena uses her magic to fool and distract the guards there. Eira keeps a lookout while they rush to gather up what belongings they can. The witch Anaharae spoke of, Rystall, appears from within a grand old beech tree nearby. Rystall and the Trespassers alike move to escape the clutches of the guards with quick feet and even faster spells. One by one, Nevena, Søngberg, and Eira leap into the dark cold portal the Irithyl witch opened within the tree, completely unaware of what lies beyond.

Eira 1200
Nevena 1600
Søngberg 1200



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