Icewind Dale

Session 29

The Fool Curtain

Eager to leave Castle Elion and its devils and giants behind, the Trespassers follow Anem’s enigmatic gestures indicating ‘south’. Wishing also to avoid the dragon (and Black Rowan which) they have previously encountered, Nevena plots an overland course that trends east. By keeping under forest canopy, her path avoids open terrain and any proximity to the corpse of the so-called ‘Elf Eater’. Not far out of the castle, Eira spots the form of a slumbering Fomorian giant under a crude lean-to beside a stream. She calls this to the attention of Søngberg and Nevena who both caution to leave the giant alone and move along—which they all do with considerable care.

Not long after on their journey, they encounter an obelisk similar to the one they have already seen by the shore. This monolith is in better condition and Søngberg’s stonecunning reveals the extraplanar origin of the stone. Eira recognizes from her books the sigils of the Elven houses of Evermeet worked upon it, the written names of which Nevena translates.

They are:

  • House Durothil, depicted as a dragon
  • House Eroth, depicted as a beech leaf
  • House Irithyl, depicted as a tree ringed by a crown
  • House Neldor, depicted as a phoenix with a drake’s head
  • House Starym, depicted as a lily

The following day a cold spring storm sets in overnight leaving Eira and Nevena exhausted from disturbed sleep and chattering teeth. Søngberg’s stout dwarven constitution keeps him hale and hardy during the frigid night rains. Nevena asks Eira if she would prefer respite to recover from the storm, she declines and they press on with their travels despite their weariness. The following night is spent at the foot of an ancient bell tower, long silenced by the old war with the giants.

Ever southward, still following Anem’s indications, as they ford a broad stream, the Trespassers are ambushed by Sahuagin—ancient and ancestral enemy of the elves of Evermeet. Søngberg moves to keep Anem safe with his magic. A shamaness of the Sahuagin has magic of her own which paralyzes the dwarf as her other raiders move in to drown him where he stands. Eira springs to action, moving on to dry land and swiftly smashing in the skulls of every fish-headed raider she sees. Nevena’s woodland magic keeps them all afloat, thwarting any attempt by the Sahuagin at drowning them. Together, the Trespassers kill so many that the creatures’ morale falters and they flee downstream like minnows away from a skipping stone.

Next they reconvene at Corellon’s Grove, the home of Shy Silva. Nevena discovers the ash is sleeping and their communications will now be more limited. Shy Silva says the sword they carry belongs to the ‘Ruler of All Evermeet’. Søngberg prays to Tyr at the foot of the elven gods who look on implacably at the dwarven trespasser. Here in the grove at last they rest and recover from their weariness.

South again they head until eventually the powerful illusions of the Fool Curtain are felt and witnessed. Anem displays a power to break the spell-wall by offering to hold hands. The touch of his cold form leads them to a surreal landscape. In this other place they are made small, treading on titanic roots which reach out into a darkness that is like a void from a world-unformed. Standing on a distant root appears the figure of Drielle who looks on at their passage with folded hands.

At the end of this landscape is a shimmering ribbon of magic that dances like an aurora—many colored and dazzling. Here Rodney appears, making an appeal for the sword on behalf of his ‘new partner’. One by one the Trespassers deny him until he finally relents and vanishes. Before they can move any further, the great green dragon Raindream appears at the sound of wings cutting the still air. She alights on one of the massive roots as a squirrel does a twig. Her emerald eyes make a predatory lock with Nevena’s. Her rictus contortion of a smile reveals dozens of dagger-long fangs between which spill the poisonous fume of her breath.

Eira 2700
Nevena 2700
Søngberg 2700



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