Icewind Dale

Session 29

The Fool Curtain

The Trespassers are keen to leave Castle Elion with its devils and giants behind, following instead Anem’s enigmatic gestures indicating they go ‘south’.

Wish to avoid Dragon and Black Rowan.

Nevena plots a course that trends east, that avoids open terrain and any proximity to the Elf Eater corpse.

They encounter a slumbering Fomorian and leave it undisturbed.
They encounter an Obelisk like the one near the shore. It is better condition. Songberg’s Stonecunning tells of its extraplanar nature. Eira recognizes the sigils of the Elven houses from her books which Nevena translates.

Cold spring storm over night leaves Eira and Nevena become exhausted. Songberg’s stout dwarven constitution keeps him hale and hardy. They press on, though weary.

Sleep third night at the foot of ancient bell tower. Attacked while fording a stream next by Sahuagin raiders. Paladin keeps Anem safe before almost drowning. Nevena’s magic keeps them afloat. Eira smashes.

Return to the Grove. Nevena communes with Shy Silva who is now slumbering. Shy Silva says the sword belongs to the “Ruler of All Evermeet”. Songberg prays. They rest and recover from the weariness.

They head south yet again. Anem breaches the Fool Curtain. They see Drielle from afar. Rodney appears, makes a final appeal. Raindream swoops down.



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