Icewind Dale

Session 38
The Dark Meanders (Part 1)

The Trespassers stand in a place betwixt—a node along the titanic roots of the World Tree—safe from the fallen angels that entered the mortal they have left behind. With them is the slain head of the House of Irythil, Lord Nesterin, his chronicler Langwen, and a loyal retainer. Langwen notes that fate may have guided the Moonblade of Nesterin Irythil into Nevena’s hands. Nevena attempts the binding ritual that would see her mind bonded with the will of blade. Such an act would garner profound respect and authority for Nevena among elvenkind, allowing her to found a new elven Household. She completes the ritual, but is found wanting. Nevena resolves to remain a custodian of the sword, but will be unable to wield it without suffering its rebukes.

From their strange stone perch along the roots, distant pathways along Yggdrasil can be seen. The Trespassers and Langwen will take one of them. Nesterin’s loyal retainer, however, will not risk taking his lord’s body into the unknown vastness touched by those mighty roots. He will stay behind and hold vigil for his lord. Looking out, the Trespassers see one root arching up into sky, well beyond the clouds. Another spans the horizon, out to the sea, where the many swaying necks of an unfathomably large leviathan or hydra gently sway. The third way wends down into deep shadows. Down that way the root splinters into smaller limbs, each appearing to terminate around twinkling lights.
The Trespassers, with Langwen in tow, take the lower path, and head down into the shadows toward a diffuse green glow. This Yggdrasil pathway deposits them into the Dark Meanders, a cave system of such ancient and buried shadow that the elven eyes of Nevena and Langwen and the dwarven eyes of Songberg are no better than Eira’s human eyes. Yet there is faint illumination at hand. Luminous green mushrooms have sprang up around the ethereal closeness of the World Tree. The mushroom patch is home to a lair of ‘hook horrors’, blind hulking beetle men armed with flesh-rending hooks for limbs. As the Trespassers call out for each other in the dark, clanking in their noisome armor, they disturb these creatures who rush in to protect their eggs. There’s a fierce and terrific battle of chittering and clicking and scraping. Hooks tear at armor and flesh alike, yanking them about. The weapons of the Trespassers crack and smash the chitinous bodies of the insectoid brutes. In the end, only Søngberg’s miracles of Tyr carry them through. The half-dozen hook horrors are dead or scattered and the group considers their next move.

Søngberg then uses his True Sight boon to search the nest of the hook horrors for a way out of the Dark Meanders. He does perceive the touching down point of the Yggdrasil root hidden away from them, in the ethereal realm. Søngberg can sense, just as angels were present when they first stepped onto the world tree, that again the presence of the divine—in one form or another—is necessary to reach it again. So they rest in the pitiless dark. Upon waking, they wander, burning lamp oil and clutching on to faint chunks of glowing mushroom. They go mostly where the cave allows them, avoiding hazards such as deep, still pools of frigid water and steep walls.
After crawling through a narrow hole, Eira finds a skeleton half-buried in fuzzy, crystalline mineral deposits. Laying with the bones is a scrap of flesh or leather with a skill tattooed on it. Eira is wary and leaves that strange item alone. In continuing their search, they reach more still water. Tiny, translucent fish flit from their light in its cold clarity. Though her elven eyes cannot pierce this deeper darkness, Søngberg convinces Nevena to try her elven water magic which would allow them to walk upon the pool’s surface. Ahead, they see an enchanting blue light flickering under the water’s surface. Eira dons their ‘cap of water-breathing’, and wearing her mariner’s armor, she dives in toward the light. Eira discovers the preserved remains of a fish-person huddled beside a wand burning with blue-flame, a flame which burns underwater. As Søngberg and Nevena look on, still standing atop the water’s surface, something large and snake-like dives in after Eira. At first it seems like a fallen stalactite from the cave above, but this thing has tentacles and a beak and it swims toward Eira with alacrity.

The cold water saps her strength. The cave-creature enmeshes her in its tentacles. It is all she can do to escape and swim away—without the curious burning wand. Nevena pulls her friend up onto the water and they make a stand against the creature. Smaller forms of this despicable bottom-feeder, its progeny perhaps, also drop down. The slithering beasts are dispatched. Eira is shivering and rattled from her close-call. Søngberg soothes her; Nevena decides it is her turn to try to achieve the curious flaming wand. The cold water is too much for the elf and she does not resurface. Søngberg dives in after her. The dwarf too is nearly done in by the cold water, but he returns with his friend and the strange flaming wand. Nevena is even worse-off than Eira; she is too weak even to shiver. They rest then and there.

Sessions 36 & 37
The Ring of Doom

The Trespassers depart the Summer Palace in the winter-cursed land of the Irythil elves with the head of that house, Lord Nesterin. His chancellor and seer, Eltargrim, has departed as well to visit Nesterin’s enemies, the Neldor. His mission is to inquire after the ‘Kingstone’, the sacred gem of amber that was once seated in the greatest of the moonblades, Resta-Turinthir, ‘Save the Queen’. The Trespassers, having come out of the north, having passed through the Fool Curtain (enacted long ago by Eltargrim himself, to forestall the giants), bring a tale of the great moonblade being lost during the death of Raindream.

The Trespassers take a road with Lord Irythil to the Máhanaxar (the Ring of Doom) where they will visit with the gods to seek their mercy and wisdom. Along the way, Nesterin visits with his soldiers who are bivouacked behind the frontlines of the nearby war with the Neldor. From there, they take Elendra road, under a pilgrim’s flag of peace, to an ancient inn where a team scullery-fae keep everything cleaned and serviced in whirls of pixie dust.

At the Máhanaxar, both Søngberg and Lord Nesterin approach the giant statue of Corellon Larethian in prayer. The dwarven paladin of course shows all due deference to the elven lord. Nevena, in a rare moment of solemnity, is overcome by the magnificent scenery and ancient splendor of the ring. She approaches and offers prayer not to her ancestral Seldarine, but to Ilmater, the Broken God. It was Ilmater who intervened during the greatest of Nevena’s suffering at the hands of Salvation, when she was lashed to the bowsprit of the Coldhorn–her elven body used as a key to gain admittance through the mystic protections of Evermeet.

Then a peal of thunder and bright flash of light. The Angel Imperious arrives with twin devas. Like Salvation, these angels are fallen, with their halos across their eyes–blind to the proscriptions of the gods. The devas carry chains and fly out to enmesh them around the statues of the Seldarine. Eira springs to action with thoughts of her contest against Salvation at the forefront of her mind. Imperious’ sword dances from its hand and fights Eira on its own, freeing the angel’s hands to use a bow that forms in its grasp. An arrow of light slays Nesterin where he stands, for Imperious does not suffer mortals who would oppose it. Before Imperious can slay them all one by one, the winged Theriel–conqueror of Raindream–appears before Søngberg. Theriel speaks into the dwarf’s mind and renders the divine charge owed to him. Søngberg is told this foe is beyond their might and hidden here at the Ring of Doom, is a limb of the World Tree, the great ash known as Yggdrasil. They are to use the tree to escape, ‘seek the stolen Kingstone and return it to its rightmost owner’.

The Truesight of Søngberg, granted to him by Tyr, reveals the hidden way onto the World Tree. Nevena grabs the body and fallen sword of Lord Irythil, together she and Eira follow Søngberg into the beyond. A loyal retainer along with the bard Langwen, Irythil’s chronicler, also join in the escape. The rest of Irythil’s retinue is not so lucky.

Session 35
Divine Words

The divine words of Nesterin Irythil’s ‘geas’, made magic by the might of his Moonblade fail almost as soon as they are uttered. In a flash behind the gathering the long dormant ‘Fen-o Galad-rim’ (elf-gate) shimmers to life. Three entities emerge from a portal that has opened in the gate, linking this material world to an other plane. One outside of time and space. An angel and two demons arrive. The angel bears mark that all who look upon it ken; the bright mantle of the angel’s divinity has fallen down about its eyes, blinding it from the sacred purpose set for it by the gods of this realm.

Leveling its gaze upon Lord Irythil, the angel rebukes the mortal gathering for the hubris of their words, stating that the elven Kingstone instead “will be ours”. Two demons constituted of pure and malicious shadow set about killing indiscriminately at once. Eltargrim acts quickly, casting a barrier spell to protect his lord. Just as suddenly, the Trespassers rush to the defense of the endangered courtiers. Søngberg stands firm and focuses his miraculous will on keeping Nevena safe while she looses arrows from her gorgon horn bow. In the pell-mell of the melee, Nevena accidentally strikes Eira with an arrow. Fortunately for Eira, she overmasters the bow’s petrifying magic. Søngberg then suffers a terrible blow from the angel for his efforts. The magic weapons of the Trespassers cut into the (otherwise invulnerable) shadow demons, discorporating them more and more with each blow. Eira smashes apart the demons and angel alike with her godly hammer; when vanquished, the angel vanishes in a snap of light.

In the aftermath, Lord Irythil is disappointed in Eltargrim for sparing him from the fight. The Trespassers take this opportunity to reassert their plain desire to leave the elven isle and be rid of its controversies. Eltargrim ponders what this attack has meant, arriving at the conclusion that Lord Irythil’s divine words alerted the angels who ‘listen in’ to all such pleas. For the geas to have failed means that the target of the spell, the mighty Kingstone, must either be stolen away to Arvandor or else destroyed.

Lord Nesterin Irythil orders his magus Eltargrim to visit their enemies, the House of Neldor, under a flag of truce to investigate what has befallen the Kingstone (which was their charge). If the Trespassers’ desire to chase after Salvation is truly to be contemplated, they are told that the only functional elf-gate that remains is in the ‘Dark Meanders’ beneath the island. At first, despite the many dangers, the Trespassers demand to be pointed to this gate at once. Lord Iyrthil urges caution and contemplation, however, and moves to set an example by announcing he will venture to the Máhanaxar (the Ring of Doom) and visit with the Seldarine for guidance. Søngberg is moved and assured by this gesture and he convinces his companions to seek a higher authority. The Trespassers resolve to go with Nesterin Irythil.

Session 34
Cold Comfort

Rystall leads the Trespassers, blindfolded, through a snowy wood. Miles they go before the blindfolds are taken off. They arrive at Suntop, a settlement of the Elves of Irythil that overlooks the Lake of Dreams. They are introduced to Mistress Holone, ruler of the greatest of Suntop’s longhouses. They are told their audience with Nesterin Irythil will occur the following day. The Trespassers, though met with some suspicion, are not kept as prisoners. Nevena relaxes in the warm lodging—eating and drinking her fill—while regaling her cousin-folk with the magnificent tales of her journey. Søngberg spends the resting day in prayer, though he is shown outside to the cold to conduct them, as his prayers to Tyr offends the ‘Seldarine’ sensibility of the Elves. Eira is overwhelmed at the wondrous lives of the elves, even in the face of their winter curse. Evergreen trees have been planted in handsome rows to beautify the snowscape. She visits jewelers and bakers and weavers, each working on a version of their craft that surpasses what she has seen in the rugged lands of her upbringing. She also visits archers practicing their shots and spies a wyvern-rider patrolling the skies around the hills.

During this interlude, Eira and Søngberg both struggle with the language barrier until the evening. Holone throws a feast in their honor. A bard arrives who casts a spell which allows the ears of the guests to understand the tongue of the elves. Eira smiles and Søngberg’s laughter returns. Ballads are sung and tales are told. Praise for Eira and homilies for dead Othorian are recited. The elves listen with sadness to hear of the wailing banshees in the frozen spire in the north of Faerûn known as ‘The Hand of the Seldarine’. In turn, the elves tell their tales of glory and tragedy in the ancient Crown Wars, of star-crossed lovers in the Moonshae Isles, of fallen Myth Drannor, and more, until the fires down die down.

The next day they are ferried across the Lake of Dreams which flows unfrozen, despite the endless winter upon the land. The ‘Summer Palace’, once the home of Queen Amlaruil Moonflower, appears to float over the lake on a cloud of mist. The Queen is gone and so is the summer. Lord Nesterin Irythil resides here now, it is the seat of his House. He hears the tale of the Trespassers and they shock him, like Meliadoul before him, with their news of the death of Raindream. Even more shocking is the announcement by the dwarf, Søngberg, of the appearance of the Royal Moonblade, ‘Save The Queen’ and the crossing through the Fool Curtain. Søngberg’s faith overcame Meliadoul’s command to tell not a soul about the sword and here he makes this known. This story is believed, despite the gasps it brings, for he who wrought the curtain, the magus Eltargrim stands in the room as well. It was Eltargrim’s magic that enacted the Fool Curtain and he announces that “only that blade could have cut the barrier”.

Nesterin adjourns to seek the counsel of his magus. He returns offering magnificent gifts; the finest cloaks of his weavers, magic rings, and a suit of armor made of golden dragonscale, shed by the great Mormianeth herself. In exchange for these gifts, he requests only Eira’s hammer, saying he is not fool enough to merely steal from a god’s champion. Eira looks to nearly to accept the offer, but is convinced not to by her companions.

And so, disappointed, a second elven Houselord unsheathes a moonblade before their eyes. He too issues a command that they go to the lands of his enemies, the Neldor and retrieve for him ‘The Kingstone’. They are to be exiled from his lands lest they return with this prize.

Session 33
The Death of Othorian

A contingent and Irithylan elves, Rystall’s allies, awaits the Trespassers on the other side the beech tree. These elves wear dark, somber attire with silver markings of the tree and crown of Irythil. There are four of them in total and two of them are drow. The drow are called Vesryn and Imbryl. The others, moon elves, are Malgath and Beldroth. For companions the elves have with them a jessed wyvern and three winter wolves. The exotic, magnificent beauty of Vesryn is not overlooked by Eira. The warrior admires him while Nevena does the talking in the elven tongue. They talk of Rystall and her whereabouts and what is to happen next. For a moment, the Trespassers fear they are still prisoners, but simply of new masters. Vesryn assures them all he, along with Rystall, is here to take them to see his Lord, Nesterin Irythil and the great sage Eltargrim as is their want.

Before Rystall returns, the gathering is ambushed! An Eroth magus, Amarth, has used her magic to track them here to this glade. She has with her, the sigiled champion Othorian, his retinue, and two dryads. A cold autumn downpour has been in progress here since the Trespassers of Evermeet arrived by tree-stride. Other nearby trees come alive at the command of the dryads. They move in to smash the dwarf with a senseless ferocity. Nevena, in shock at this outrage, uses her magic to speak with the treants, hoping to stay them from their course. They inform her, quite simply, they are charged with killing the dwarf, Søngberg Mountainsun. And at this, the treants nearly succeed. Søngberg is picked up and slammed hard into the earth, being saved only by the unassailable fortitude of his adamantine armor and his faith.

A terrific battle in the cold, dark rain ensues. Arrows flit under the swaying branches. Wolves gnash and claw and scrape at bark, belching their exhalations of frost that turn rain droplets into hailstones. The wyvern screams and tears and whips its stinger-tail about. Elves on both sides succumb to each other’s arrows. Wolves have their backs broken by angry treants. Wet leaves and mud paint the scene. The drow use their poisoned swords to sicken one of the rampaging trees to an early death. Eira and her hammer are stalled versus the third treant’s mighty trunk. Amarth blasts at the scene from afar with her spells of ice and fire. The dryads are slain by the bow-shots of Nevena. The champion, Othorian, wades through the mud whirling his mighty two-handed sword. Like Eira, he is a powerful fury to behold in battle. Though surrounded by two poisonous drow and a massive frost wolf, he manages to dispatch the berserk wyvern behind him. His sword then slays the only remaining wolf. Then he fends off both Vesryn and Imbryl, unaided all the while. However Eira proves a match for him—the swinging of her hammer brings silence and stillness to the great warrior of House Eroth.

Only Amarth escapes, her departure made possible by Othorian’s sacrifice. Søngberg survives, having been shielded by his allies and his god alike. In this way, House Eroth has failed. The Trespassers are conflicted and question their role in this battle; they worry over being dragged into a war that is not theirs to pursue. In the aftermath, the bodies of the dead are looked to and given proper elven rites of battle and death. The beasts are afforded the same privileges and honor. Søngberg is admonished by a drow for attempting to add his own prayers to the scene. Othorian’s sigils, the trophies of his distinction, are awarded to Eira. Vesryn and Imbryl are witness to it; they show her greater deference and respect as a result. Rystall eventually returns, having tarried behind to gather intelligence on her enemies. She is crestfallen to see more of her kin, from both Houses, lying dead in the mud and leaves.

When nothing more can be done, the dead are left behind. They are covered by Rystall’s powerful earth spells. The white witch then leads the party into the Eagle Hills where another great tree stands sentinel before an old mine entrance. It is through this tree that Rystall will lead them to Tarminus Urien—the summer palace—now ironically frozen in Irythil by the curses of the enemy.

Eira 3200 (+ Evermeet Renown)
Nevena 3200
Søngberg 3200

Session 32

Meliadoul pays a visit to the Trespassers while they remain in her care. While informing them she is neither a tyrant or thief, the elven warrior-princess offers her terms. They are to remain in her charge until such time as she deems their release safe for her household. The mighty treasures, the trophies of their perilous journey to the isle are their own and each will be welcome again to them when the time comes. All three protest. Meliadoul also states she may ask them to fight alongside her warriors under the banner of House Eroth to prove the mettle and valor of their claims against foes such as giants and devils. And to prove they are not spies or villains. The Trespassers are flatly disinterested in such an excursion.

A few days later, a spy of House Irythil named Anaharae reaches out to the captives by way of a note hidden with their food. Nevena reads the elven note and is able to surreptitiously reply with crude drawings made in plum preserves and apple butter upon the earthenware. Anaharae indicates a time to spring their escape with a later meal by incorporating an image of the moon into the food.

Despite this offer of deliverance, Nevena is as restless and reckless as ever. She decides to sneak out in an attempt to glimpse a map of Evermeet woven into a tapestry. During her precarious adventure, she falls from their high tree and injures herself during her descent. The ranger is unheard and undiscovered, however. She carefully sneaks over to House Eroth’s Shrine of the Seldarine. She can see tapestries within, but the building is locked up tight. Disappointed and resigned, she retreats. On her return, Nevena falls again from the tree where she is being kept and this time breaks her leg.

A tale—which almost no one believes—of Nevena falling by accident from a (small) window is told. Meliadoul has another guard posted at the base of their tree to curb further mischief. Søngberg heals Nevena with his divine ministrations as best he can, but her leg is not fully set when Anaharae’s moon phase arrives.

On the night in question, a fire erupts in the community. At first, the Trespassers are reluctant to investigate or attempt to capitalize on the diversion. Eventually, with growing impatience, they ignore their guardsmen and rush downstairs. Anaharae awaits below and she wards off a lumbering earth elemental with her raised hands. Anaharae leads them to their weapons which are back near the shrine and Throne of Eroth. Nevena uses her magic to fool and distract the guards there. Eira keeps a lookout while they rush to gather up what belongings they can. The witch Anaharae spoke of, Rystall, appears from within a grand old beech tree nearby. Rystall and the Trespassers alike move to escape the clutches of the guards with quick feet and even faster spells. One by one, Nevena, Søngberg, and Eira leap into the dark cold portal the Irithyl witch opened within the tree, completely unaware of what lies beyond.

Eira 1200
Nevena 1600
Søngberg 1200

Session 31

The three elves come to meet the Trespassers are Tanathil, Hudir, and Tengis. Tanathil wears a bronze helm adorned with goat horns; he speaks the common tongue of men known to Eira and Søngberg. Decorated in the colors of the autumn wood, sporting beech leaf brooches, they are members of House Eroth and they have many questions. When the answers they get, as told by Nevena make up the dramatic truth of the journey beyond the Fool Curtain, Tanathil and his scouts grow even more suspicious.

The Eroth scouts assert that Nevena, Søngberg, and Eira must travel with them as prisoners. Suffering much privation from their wanderings in the wilds, the Trespassers reluctantly agree to these terms. Tanathil takes them east, along a similar course Nevena had already been following, to a place called ‘Taltempla’ by the sea. En route, they are assailed by a ‘white witch’ who works power over the earth. So great are her powers that Tanathil falls through the ground, into a pit hidden by an illusion. A moment later, a wall of solid stone moves up from the ground which serves to separate the Trespassers from their mounted guards Tengis and Hudir.

The ‘witch’ calls out in elven (which only Nevena understands) “Now is your chance!”, but the Trespassers do not move to escape as it seems was perhaps the witch’s plan. Instead, Søngberg rushes to help Tanathil from the pit by hurriedly offering rope. The witch dazes the dwarf with a spell in frustration and flees. Søngberg is too confused by the magic trick played on his mind while Nevena and Eira, intent on getting their weapons to defend themselves, scuffle with Tengis and Hudir behind the stone wall—no one sees how the witch escapes. Hudir is thrown from his horse while Tengis, who shepherds the weapons moves to get beyond the wall. Nevena comes to blows with Tengis, however the witch is gone by then.

In a show of good faith, Søngberg heals Tanathil after helping him from the pit, earning some of his scant trust in the process. After this, a plea to travel armed is put forth but shut down. Søngberg feels he should defer to elven custom while Eira simply follows Nevena’s lead. The three elven scouts and their three strange prisoners arrive in Taltempla unharried after that. On the way, they learn the elves have ‘gone to war’. The white witch was one of ‘the enemy’ (of House Eroth). The Trespassers are treated as guests but kept under watch, apart from their mighty weapons.

In Taltempla, a great elven tree-city near the coast, they meet Meliadoul, leader of House Eroth. She hears their tale. When they describe meeting Anem, gaining the elven sword at Elion, and later losing the blade in the battle with Raindream, Meliadoul grows quiet and dismisses her courtiers. She then ceremoniously reveals her moonblade, Aster, halfway from its scabbard. The opal set into it shines as the elven noble commands the Trespassers to ‘never again speak of the lost sword with anyone save her until has passed one year and one day’. At the end of their story, Meliadoul calls them fools for wishing to chase Salvation out of the mortal realm, through the elfgates—“all of which have been shut or destroyed by the war”—she adds.

Eira 1200
Nevena 1200
Søngberg 1200

Session 30

The great green dragon, Raindream, makes a demand of the sword just as the imp Rodney did. Eira strongly considers allowing the dragon to have the sword and even openly makes the suggestion. Nevena and Søngberg stand firm to protect the sword however, even from this terrible foe. Raindream stalks forward. Nevena uses her elven magic to coax the roots into a violent sway to shake the dragon from her footing. The dragon displays cat-like grace and is unmoved. Søngberg, while the serpent steadies itself, quickly uses a scroll—recovered from the wreck of the Coldhorn—to protect Eira from the imminent poison. Anem, with a touch, offers a similar resistance to Nevena also.

The Trespassers move to avoid a fight, running down another root—one without a dragon perched on it. Raindream is too nimble, though, and she hops easily over and in front of them. A mighty battle ensues. First, they are bathed in the creature’s acrimonious breath. Then she claws and gnashes at them, knocking them prone with powerful gusts from her wings. Bravely they rise to their feet, crashing hammer and axe and arrows against the impenetrable scale hide. Eira charges the serpent, but when faced with Raindream’s enormous, poison filled maw, her audacious courage falters. Nevena again tries to use the roots against the dragon, making a cage of them this time. The creature’s fantastic strength, her iron-hard claws, the mighty wings are all too much for even the thick roots of this strange place to contain her. Nevena is snatched up in her claws for her effrontery. Rodney, meanwhile, has reappeared. He swoops up and steals the prized elven blade from its simple leather scabbard on Nevena’s back while she is restrained.

Moments before Søngberg and Eira are laid low by a second bellow of the poison breath, the dwarf uses the largest and most powerful gem from his amber necklace. The amber is dashed into a holy and golden mist against the hard root at his feet; Tyr sends an angelic intercessor to aid his adherent in this hour of need. The emerald eyes of the serpent, with its long black slivers refocus their attention to the angel; Nevena is discarded like a broken plaything into the darkness and left grasping for her life onto the roots below the action.

Søngberg commands the angel to slay the dragon with a poison-choked gasp. Rodney darts at the Fool Curtain and cuts a dragon-sized gash in it with the stolen blade. Eira and Søngberg lay dying from their wounds while Nevena hangs over the abyss. A mythic battle of feathers and scales ensues. The sound of clarion trumpets intermingles with a nightmarish roar. Golden light illuminates billowing clouds of poison gas. The serpent’s toxic deluge is nearly enough to overcome the angel, but in the end its sword delivers the mortal blows. Raindream, the emerald terror of the forest, the enemy of Mormianeth, the shadow over the hills, Evergreen of Evermeet, meets her doom and crashes downward into the abyss of the Dark Meanders at the bottom of the Elven Isle. The fate of her corpse to be known now to the glowing eyes that lurk in that sunken place.

Rodney and the sword both are also sent careening into the darkness following a bright flash and snap of ether from the sundered Fool Curtain. Before the angel departs, it stands up its allies and provides succor to their wounds. Søngberg knows with its parting that he owes this being a debt and that his destiny is inclined toward it.

Bereft of the elven sword but free from death at the hands of a dragon, the Trespassers walk through the gash in the Fool Curtain that Rodney opened. Anem is gone. They are in a new Evermeet now, a place of magnificent autumnal calm and beauty. Nevena leads them east following her memory of the stone markers they have passed. They are soon met by three elven riders in the early morning fog.

Eira 4000
Nevena 4000
Søngberg 4000

Session 29
The Fool Curtain

Eager to leave Castle Elion and its devils and giants behind, the Trespassers follow Anem’s enigmatic gestures indicating ‘south’. Wishing also to avoid the dragon (and Black Rowan which) they have previously encountered, Nevena plots an overland course that trends east. By keeping under forest canopy, her path avoids open terrain and any proximity to the corpse of the so-called ‘Elf Eater’. Not far out of the castle, Eira spots the form of a slumbering Fomorian giant under a crude lean-to beside a stream. She calls this to the attention of Søngberg and Nevena who both caution to leave the giant alone and move along—which they all do with considerable care.

Not long after on their journey, they encounter an obelisk similar to the one they have already seen by the shore. This monolith is in better condition and Søngberg’s stonecunning reveals the extraplanar origin of the stone. Eira recognizes from her books the sigils of the Elven houses of Evermeet worked upon it, the written names of which Nevena translates.

They are:

  • House Durothil, depicted as a dragon
  • House Eroth, depicted as a beech leaf
  • House Irithyl, depicted as a tree ringed by a crown
  • House Neldor, depicted as a phoenix with a drake’s head
  • House Starym, depicted as a lily

The following day a cold spring storm sets in overnight leaving Eira and Nevena exhausted from disturbed sleep and chattering teeth. Søngberg’s stout dwarven constitution keeps him hale and hardy during the frigid night rains. Nevena asks Eira if she would prefer respite to recover from the storm, she declines and they press on with their travels despite their weariness. The following night is spent at the foot of an ancient bell tower, long silenced by the old war with the giants.

Ever southward, still following Anem’s indications, as they ford a broad stream, the Trespassers are ambushed by Sahuagin—ancient and ancestral enemy of the elves of Evermeet. Søngberg moves to keep Anem safe with his magic. A shamaness of the Sahuagin has magic of her own which paralyzes the dwarf as her other raiders move in to drown him where he stands. Eira springs to action, moving on to dry land and swiftly smashing in the skulls of every fish-headed raider she sees. Nevena’s woodland magic keeps them all afloat, thwarting any attempt by the Sahuagin at drowning them. Together, the Trespassers kill so many that the creatures’ morale falters and they flee downstream like minnows away from a skipping stone.

Next they reconvene at Corellon’s Grove, the home of Shy Silva. Nevena discovers the ash is sleeping and their communications will now be more limited. Shy Silva says the sword they carry belongs to the ‘Ruler of All Evermeet’. Søngberg prays to Tyr at the foot of the elven gods who look on implacably at the dwarven trespasser. Here in the grove at last they rest and recover from their weariness.

South again they head until eventually the powerful illusions of the Fool Curtain are felt and witnessed. Anem displays a power to break the spell-wall by offering to hold hands. The touch of his cold form leads them to a surreal landscape. In this other place they are made small, treading on titanic roots which reach out into a darkness that is like a void from a world-unformed. Standing on a distant root appears the figure of Drielle who looks on at their passage with folded hands.

At the end of this landscape is a shimmering ribbon of magic that dances like an aurora—many colored and dazzling. Here Rodney appears, making an appeal for the sword on behalf of his ‘new partner’. One by one the Trespassers deny him until he finally relents and vanishes. Before they can move any further, the great green dragon Raindream appears at the sound of wings cutting the still air. She alights on one of the massive roots as a squirrel does a twig. Her emerald eyes make a predatory lock with Nevena’s. Her rictus contortion of a smile reveals dozens of dagger-long fangs between which spill the poisonous fume of her breath.

Eira 2700
Nevena 2700
Søngberg 2700

Sessions 27 & 28
Castle Elion

A terrible devil creature drops down from the ceiling of Elion’s great hall. It thrashes and stabs and rakes at the Trespassers, poisoning them with its tail stinger and dealing heinous wounds with its claws and sword. It would have made mockery of its foes but for the furious counter-assault put forth by Søngberg, Eira, and Nevena. The devil summons horrid, fleshy minions from out of the hells to defend it, but it acts too late. The Trespassers fell the creature and mop up its hellspawn. All that is left behind amid the bloodstains and smell of burnt, rotten eggs is a beautiful elven blade.

This mithral longsword is clearly very important—and missing some crucial insert that belongs in its cross-guard—but neither Nevena or Eira has any knowledge of it. Wielding the blade leaves a mortal to feel judged, and so Nevena stows it for safe keeping, relying instead on her silver shortsword. Not far from the devil, a massive (and broken) mirror gate labeled O U T E R H E A V E N in elven is found in the next chamber, the veritable heart of the castle. This room however is naught but a wreckage of broken glass and toppled statues of august elven ancestors.

The Trespassers move east through a series of themed rooms which they search cautiously, always keeping one eye to the ceiling. In the third room they move through, dedicated to the ‘World Tree’, Nevena uncovers some magic arrows in a hidden compartment. Beyond there is the Grand Gallery where they find a terrified, ethereal boy held inside a cage. Curious about this captive, Søngberg gets too near, springing a trap in which a pair of coiled chains animate into yet more devil creatures! The wickedly barbed chains rise up and form into large man-shapes, each bearing a face of ghastly grief. The devil shows the whimpering face of Skuli to Søngberg and the lifeless face of Brandish to Eira. Nevena’s gorgon bow rescues her companions from the terror brought on by these visages. One devil’s true face is revealed as the magic of the bow turns the creature to solid stone! With one chain devil dispatched, its twin is hammered down by Eira. The boy is rescued—but he cannot speak. He is frightened and wary.

He and Nevena communicate in elven, written crudely in the dust of the castle floor. He tells his name, Anem. His mother brought him here to seal the gate that the devils were using to gain entrance to this realm—and they captured him. Anem uses the mithral elven blade to point in the direction (south) that he wishes to go.

Soon after, the sounds of many footfalls stomping in military order can be heard from that same southern direction. Nevena overhears the infernal speech of more devils talking and giving orders. The Trespassers make a hasty and vain attempt to hide and end up caught in the flanking movement of the creatures. These devils appear to be shock troops; lightly armored but very physically tough—armed with a wicked spear and a sickly ‘beard’ of jellyfish-like stingers around their fanged mouths. There is more than half a dozen of them and they rush in to attack while their quarry is still trying to hide. They hurl insults and make demands for their captain, ‘Lervesom’, and for the sword.

During the fracas, the Trespassers boast they have lately killed their captain. But almost in the same breath, Nevena stumbles from the assault by the devils while Eira and Søngberg hold off the squad charging from the other direction. One devil leaps and snatches up Anem—making a hasty a escape. A tense battle ensues with a tug-of-war over the boy while Eira is surrounded and beaten (nearly) into submission. Eira’s desperate defense sees Myrnoch snagged by the hellish steel of a polearm which damages the legendary hammer in a shower of unholy sparks. Søngberg’s magic is all that holds Eira together, buying Nevena time enough to overcome her foe and save the boy.

Bloody, scared, and exhausted, the three heroes realize they cannot survive another onslaught and so they hole-up in a small chamber to wait out the passing of the night. Although there is a disturbance of another Fomorian giant trampling the courtyard some hours later, it never locates the small creatures nearby in the darkness. By morning time, the giant is gone, and the Trespassers move to escape the castle. At the gate, they learn of Anem’s magic: he uses the mithral blade to summon a mystic bridge out of the castle. What other secrets of Evermeet can Anem and this blade reveal?

Session 27 EXP
Eira 5000
Nevena 5000
Søngberg 5000

Session 28 EXP
Eira 2700
Nevena 2700
Søngberg 2700


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